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What We Do

Our focus area

Create a self-sustaining social ecosystem
by ensuring social and economic justice
through dissemination of useful
knowledge, capacity building and
emancipation of the elderly, children,
women and the under-privileged.

Social Justice
Old Age Home

Aging of the physical body is a core value of nature but aging of the mind is nature of the core value prevalent in our society. Nobody can stop the aging process of the physical body. But it is possible to keep the mind agile and active to a great extent. The real problem of old age comes in living isolated. As part of a family with a supportive spouse, helpful children, playful grandchildren, life could be stress-free and mind agile. A retirement date puts someone under great stress owing to uncertainties about the future. But it is the beginning of a new life. The second life begins after retirement. But with the genesis of nuclear families, higher cost of living, and very high cost of medication in case of old age, the second life becomes a misery for many. This is the reflection of degrading values in our society. Old age is not an accident of life. It is an unavoidable incident of life. One must formulate the art of remaining busy in style, without the stress on your body and mind. Yes, life is a joke worth laughing at, Life is a comedy for those who have the appetite for it yet life is miserable post-retirement for those who are not ready to embrace it. Life becomes miserable if elderly people do not have the right to basic age care facilities, social security, physical safety & mental security amongst other basic amenities.


Anadi is alive to the environmental concerns of our planet, In this direction, we have been doing tree plantation since our start of activities (1996) in ARUNACHAL PRADESH itself, The unplanned / greed propelled deforestation had initiated our attention towards this growing menace. In response to this in our humble way we launched a forestation drive then and there, the same is been continued in Faridabad. We embarked upon the GO GREEN drive through a mass Cycle raid, SAY NO TO POLYBAGS drive, waste management, Organic manure, etc, and spreading awareness about our ENVIRONMENTAL obligations.

Anadi Seva Prakalp was formed with the main objective to organize, develop the capabilities of rural poor people of and community to improve their position in the society through economic activities. The major aspect of society is the empowerment of women through economic generation activities. It is to support underprivileged and deprived children with proper protection, education, and training so that their dignity may be valued.
Anadi Seva Prakalp is working in the field of rural development & society welfare in the slug of urban and backward areas especially to uplift the socio-economic condition neglected impecunious and weaker section of the community. It places a strong emphasis on poor women & children who suffer the burnt of Economic, Social, and Culture deprivation.

Mr.Pranav started the Godham (Dairy Farm) in the year 2009 with the introduction of 2 cows. He took care of feeding the Cows, bathing them, milking, and cleaning their sheds every day. Today Anadi Godham has 138 Indian Gir breed cows.

Organic Farms

Anadi leased land of 5 Acres in the villages of Pali to initiate Organic farming efforts in the vicinity of the
Old Age Home in May 2015.
 The practices involve the use of bio-compost, cow-dung, and cow urine as a fertilizer and to restore and maintain soil
nutrients. We have been able to reap produce in a particular crop cycle which includes multi-cropping of cereals, vegetables, and other horticultural produce, for the entire year. The concept of symbiotic synergism of one crop to the next was
also kept in mind while following the multi-crop cycle during the year.

Anadi has a band of young enthusiastic and ready to serve youth who have been donating BLOOD on call at various hospitals and nursing homes across NCR. Anadi also provide AMBULANCE service to sick, needy and expecting mothers, our focus is on those who need and deserve our assistance.
In the some area of the town, slum areas /jhuggi jhoparies, Anadi has been going in a massive way with FOGGING operation to protect our people from various diseases In general Health and hygiene program and HIV/AIDS, CANCER, HEART awareness program has been launched at suitable intervals.