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Anadi Seva Prakalp, is a Non-Government Organization which was founded on August 14, 1996, currently functioning in Faridabad, Haryana, India, having branch offices in:

25 Year of excellence in Social Care

Anadi Seva Prakalp is a Non-profit Organisation in india . On August, 1996. Pranav Shukla stated this organisation at the age of 19. Anadi Seva Prakalp is  one of a kind of Snior Citizens Left to fend for themselves. through Anadi Vridh Seva Sadan, We are Providing Complete residential accomodation, food and provides for total healthcare needs of the senior Citizens. 

The organisation Works for the ” Cause and care of disadvantaged  older persons to improve their quality of life “. 

Anadi  Seva Prakalp envision a society where elderly have the right to an active , healthy and Dignified life. 

We advocate for senior citizen’s needs such as universal pension, quaality , healthcare, and action against elder abuse. Our Facilities and activities include : old age home, relief and rehabilitation for the senior citizens, livelihood support, physiocare for the senior citizens and safety and security . 

And in order to sustain old age home , we run Anadi Farms & Godham , which intended  to produce and promote a supply of farm fresh Pure A2 milk and A2 Bilona Ghee From indian Gir Cows (Desi Cows) known for its inherits  high   nourishment and medicinal values. 


Pranav Shukla (Shravan Kumar)
President – Anadi Seva Prakalp
Youth Leader, Social Activist & Environmentalist

“अहर्निशं सेवामहे”

Pranav had decided by that time that once he becomes independent, he would contribute towards the wellbeing of the elderly. While other boys of his age were busy planning their career Pranav’s perspective on life was completely different. Reminds us of a famous poem by Robert Frost – “The Road Not Taken”. The poem allows the reader to think about the choices in life, whether to go with the mainstream or to go alone in a less traversed road.
An MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis institute of Management Studies, Pune and a graduate in Fashion Designing with two decades of corporate Experiance.