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News For All! To spread awareness among the society for respecting elders and caring isolated elderly people Anadi is organizing an event on 26 April, 2015 at MCF Auditorium. To be a part of it you can contact @ our front office S-18, Eldeco Station-1 Mall, Sec-12, Faridabad.To give a platform to the young talents 'Anadi' is organizing an Inter School Competition on 16th Feb 2015. Come! Be a part of it and show your potential to the world.“Na pooja se, na geeta se adaa hoti hai, Na baadshaahon ki daulat se ataa hoti hai, Rehmatein barasti hain sirf aur sirf unpar, Jinke daaman mein buzurgon ki dua hoti hai” Inspired by these lines, Anadi seva prakalp led by Mr. Pranav Shukla is launching a 3 month long campaign – “Anadi Swaasthya Abhiyaan” especially for the elderly with the help of a group of doctors from varied specialties. The campaign started from village Pali on June 23, 2013 moving onto the neighboring areas like Dhauj, Bhakri, Suroorpur and Mohtabad , NIT 1,2,3,4,5 on subsequent weekends. The checkup shall start in the morning from 11.00 a.m. extending upto the afternoon till 2.00 P.M. The medical specialities shall include Orthopaedics, dentistry, surgery as well as general medicine. Directed towards the elderly as well as the general population, the campaign also aims to spread awareness towards the common health issues, besides providing them with health checkup.Anadi successfully met its target for the number of followers @ Earth Hour initiative driven by Anadi.HOLI MILAN. Anadi Seva Sadan Celebrated HOLI with the elders of the Ashram. Anadi, in association with G6SaveEarth, organized a Go Green drive on 28th Feb, 2010. Members planted trees in sec 21c..Go Green Drive 3 - Say NO to Plastic. G6 Save Earth in collaboration with Anadi, drive on 22 & 23 may, 10. Distributing eco friendly bags..



His mission is to treat every ill and tormented soul and his vision of nursing the environment is the erpetitnal goal of ours at ANADI SEVA PRAKALP.

Born in a remote village of pratapghar Dist in UP to a humble Brahmin family in 1939, Dr Surya Pal Shukla had a difficult and torturers, student life, yet he completed his post graduation as a regular student of Gorakhpur University with blessings and support of his generous father and elder brother. Poverty ridden but forward looking young Dr Shukla prepared him self to take a plunge into the whirlpool of life.

The Chinese aggression of 1962, on NEFA and LADHAK, pushing Indian forces behind, shook young shukla deeply, his unexplained and undefined patriotism drove him to accept challenges of re establishing the institution in border areas of NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh)

He joined NEFA administration as a teacher with clear Mission of educating those who needed it the most, The whirlpool of life was ferocious, the survival was at edge, the plunge was determined, the churning was vigorous and rigorous, stakes were high, astonishingly outcome and result were equally satisfying and promising, soon the achievements loaded him with higher respect and posted him to a relatively much better location. Life here was much relaxed but the mission in mind never allowed the young man to relax, the social orientation, young, dynamitic, and extrovert nature and vacuum in the society generating a liberty to start from any where to every where makes environment exploit situation to its fullest for the betterment of the local tribal brothers and sister, Rest is History. 

After more then 38 yrs , a much relaxed carrier wise  contented socially much admired , respected and Hon ‘ble Dr shukla left Arunachal Pradesh only to continue his mission of social service further his dream to establish a home for  SENIOR CITIZEN, his concern of educating the uneducated treating the ill and nursing the environment are nothing but the part and parched of his being. But the age and serious ailment have persuaded him to hand over the baton to his young, energetic and dynamic son for fulfilling the unfulfilled tasks of the mission.

The second inning has just begun with blessing of Dr. Shukla .  

A popular educationist, administrative, researcher, writer, thinker, philanthropist, orator and  a much admired social worker Dr. Shukla is an internal source of inspiration and guidance in our this odious task.